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Thinker. Researcher. Teacher.

“Preparing Individuals for Excellence”

The  former Alternative Education Facility/Tutorial site has been transformed!  The  goal  of the new Empowerment and Restorative Institute (TERI)  is to inspire individuals and equip them to fulfill purpose . 

We believe: 

  • That everyone has a purpose to fulfill in society and the Kingdom of God. 

  • That dreams and visions are given to us by God to aid in realizing our earthly purpose.


The TERI team, motivated by the Holy Spirit, guides and encourages learners to revive and realize their dreams.  

Explore, Experience and Engage TERI today using the online platforms.




You are never too old to learn. Whether you want to enhance your spiritual development, repurpose your skill sets or learn how to mentor and coach others, TERI has a course for you. Your appetite to sharpen your skills and reset your thinking during these unprecedented times will be reawakened. 

Knowledge yields Power. Empower yourself by signing up for one or more of these programs.


Continue reading below to discover our educational opportunities.

Online Learning

The Empowerment and Restorative Institute (TERI) provides online opportunities to develop your personal, professional, and spiritual life. These opportunities will be personalized to each learner, utilizing individual and group sessions together with live instruction and /or self-paced online training.  You will have life-time access to all materials in the member site.  It is time to realize your dream to study without leaving home. 


Meet  Eugenia Robinson -  Coach, Educator, Advocate and a life-long learner who is passionate and committed to developmental and community education. She has obtained a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and Mathematics Education, and  a Masters of Science in Mathematics Education from North Carolina State University, Greensboro N.C., with additional graduate certificates in online learning, and K-12 Education Leadership. Her  biblical training was received from Regent University, Virginia and Koinonia Training Centre, Bermuda. Her teaching history includes employment at the Ministry of Education Bermuda, and owner-operator of RHM School House,  which offered a day time program for school-aged children, as well as evening instruction for adults. She is also authorized to teach under Koinonia Training Centre and Christian International School of Theology. 


To check out our selection of online courses, workshops and coaching packages, please visit: The Empowerment Restorative Institute

Face-to-face to online learning for all students

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Educational Opportunities

The School of the Spirit

Re-engage your dream of becoming a student of the WORD, by enrolling in the School of the Spirit. Under the guidance of Minister Eugenia  L. Robinson  you will learn to:

  • Identify your Spiritual Gifts.

  • Obtain a deeper prayer life.

  • Embrace your Calling and Anointing

  • Experience Spiritual Prosperity.


The School of the Spirit provides a variety of courses that range in duration from five weeks to one year. See the website for more information.


Restorative Mentorship

Recover your dreams and visions by signing up for the Restorative Mentorship Program. Identify how you became stuck and acquire the skills to resolve challenges, pull down barriers and progress to the next phase of your life. Through this course, you will learn to develop personal commitment and embrace restoration through the power of the Holy Spirit. The course runs for six weeks to a year. Instruction will be provided online and in person utilizing both individual and group work.  


Restorative Coaching 

What skills lay dormant within you? With the help of Restorative Coaching, you will unearth the treasures hidden deep within. Under the guidance of Coach Eugenia, you will create  and execute a plan of action to realize your dreams and vision. Restorative Coaching is provided in short- to long-term experiences, spanning two to six months.

Exceed Your Expectations

Find your restored path into your future in an environment which is non-competitive . You can expect to grow with like minded individuals. Eugenia L. Robinson facilitates your learning and with her education background will help you navigate the online platforms. Experiences with TERI will be the gateway of awakening to Living a RESTORED Life!


Knowledge for
Every Level

Thanks to her vast experience, Eugenia will offer education experiences for all. At TERI, we believe that everyone can learn. Your appetite to sharpen your skills, reset your thinking, learn more how tos during these unprecedented times will be restored. Your confidence that you can learn will be fulfilled. Allow Eugenia to point you in the right direction to reach the purpose and prosperous life. Your knowledge will yield new power to live a RESTORED life. 

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