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Are you ready to interrupt the disruption caused by the PANDEMIC? 


We are in a season of RESTORATION. Your dreams, visions, and promises will be AWAKENED. Connect to experience the new courses, coaching packages, and mentorship opportunities! No matter your academic accomplishments, social-economical level or position in your career, The Empowerment and Restorative Institute (TERI) welcomes you! 


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Ignite your life of prayer to survive in these unprecedented times. Sometimes you need to SHUT THE DOOR to quiet all the noises!!!  Coming SOON is the Restorative Prayer Experience, which will


  • Lead you on a new journey in prayer

  • Restore and deepen your prayer

  • Remodel your Prayer Closet 

  • Network with like-minded individuals 


  • and so much more ….


Restorative Vision Board experience on-demand and online, coming soon. Allow the Restorative Strategist to point you in the right direction.


To learn more about the Restorative Prayer Experience Mentorship, click here.


Upcoming Events


Unvieling the Unseen:
Spiritual Workshop on Identifying Hidden Spirits
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In the Morning Prophetic Prayer (Monday, Wednesdays, and Friday at 6 a.m. ADT)


Midnight Cry (The First Friday of every month starting at 11:30 p.m. ADT)


24 Hour Global Community Prayer Room
Saturday, June 8th 2024

"I am living my RESTORED life"


Former students of RHM School House, Bermuda


A facilitator of large and small groups - The Restorative Vision Board Experience

An Advocate for sex trafficking - SOS Co

An advocate for sex trafficking -

SOS Conference

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Business Networking Event


Dedicated to facilitating learning for all

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Eugenia's merchandise/product table

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