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 Eugenia L. Robinson

 - “Restoring Hearts and Minds for Prosperous Kingdom Living”

About Eugenia L. Robinson  - “Restoring Hearts and Minds for Prosperous Kingdom Living”


Eugenia Robinson is a Coach, Mentor, Advisor, Consultant, Advocate, Author and a Restorative Strategist. Her prophetic voice, evangelistic focus, creativity and faith are unmatched. Eugenia’s message of restoration transcends cultures, empowers listeners, realizes dreams and establishes visions. 




Coach Robinson’s effective leadership is evident in her Spirit-led School. Her course, Restorative Vision Boarding Experience, and group sessions For Single Sistah’s Only are a couple of the ways in which she impacts lives. Coach Robinson hosts numerous conferences, revivals and trainings throughout the year. Her signature conference, He Loves Me, deals with topics such as Restoration and Sex-Trafficking. She has published 21 Minutes 21 Days Prayer Journal and Promises, Promises, Promise. 





A seasoned educator, Eugenia believes everyone can learn, both interpersonally and professionally. She inspires and equips individuals to be an active part of the Kingdom by using and developing their gifts in the marketplace. Eugenia is a change agent who influences her students to be restored, bold and courageous Kingdom Builders.  





As the founder of Restoration House Ministries International, Eugenia’s impact is felt far and wide. Her ministry stems from the local marketplace to around the globe. She is an advocate for victims of sex-trafficking and childhood sexual abuse.  As an advocate, she restores dreams and visions through providing the keys to academics, healing, prosperity and success


To help all people to restore their lost visions, and manifest dreams through education, empowerment and inspirational experiences so they may live a prosperous life.


Embrace diversity

Provide a safe and non-judgemental environment

Apply best practices of excellence 

Operate with integrity and transparency

Recognize everyone is teachable


I must say that Minister Eugenia has such a passion for teaching this course and she makes the classes fun and you are eager to know more.

Rev. Dr. Madeline F. Hayward

Minister Eugenia Robinson of Restoration House Ministries - Min. Eugenia is an outstanding visionary, educator, advocate, prayer warrior and dedicated disciple.

Rev. Dr. Emily-Gail Dill

I had the opportunity to photograph two events facilitated by Min. Eugenia Robinson, and to say that they were both awesome is an understatement. Although I was behind the lens, it became more than taking photos. I had the opportunity to zoom in and capture the excitement and joy of fellowship, the attention given to the minute details, one's personal worship and connection with the spoken Word, as well as the powerful moments when God just changed the program. The atmosphere was always filled with expectation, and I have truly been blessed.

Lisa Trott, Lisa Trott Photography

Twin Ministries acknowledges the dedicated work and commitment that Min. Eugenia Robinson has done to offer education and awareness of human trafficking. Min. Robinson has worked tirelessly to educate the community on the needs of this special population.

Dr. Sharon Apopa, Mental Health Professional and Consultant

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